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2022-05-19 on Diego Sandoval's Blog

Years ago, I tried to set up a blog using static site generators (SSG). I tried many and liked none. They did too many things I didn't need—I only want a minimalist website—and I didn't feel like spending hours learning how to reduce them to only the funcionality I needed.

So, now I'm launching this website/blog without any sort of framework. I edit raw HTML and CSS. My site is simple enough for that to not be too big of a nuisance.

The whole website is managed through a git repository on gitlab. That git repo is connected to Netlify, so every time I push to the master branch, the contents of the public/ directory are served to the public by Netlify.

Every time I want to add a new entry to the blog I have to:

I should have done this from the very start. SSGs require too much of a time investment if you don't want to go with their defaults.